Custom Art Works


Illustrations & Photo Editing

Vector illustrations, logo simplification & creation, photo restoration, & photo editing.

Illustrations for Kanga Jax

A new indoor bounce house company called “Kanga Jax” asked me to create a series of 10 illustrations of a kangaroo doing a variety of activities. The kangaroos were printed on large stickers and placed on the walls around the indoor center.

Logo Simplification for Screen Printing

I worked for a company that sold custom screen printed barrel covers. The screen printing was limited to only white ink. So when a customer sent in a color logo with a lot of details, I had to trace the logo, get rid of the color and simplify any small details that would not show up during screen printing.

Photoshop Paintings

Two paintings painted in Photoshop with Wacom tablet

Photo Editing

Photo restoration & editing of photos in Photoshop.

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